24 (a poem on insomnia)

Team member Genevieve shares a poem she wrote during her graduate school experience. At this point in her studies, the stress of a strained supervisory relationship exacerbated her anxiety and depression. This poem is reflective of her state of being during this time.

*          *         *

A black and white image shows a mattress laying on the floor of a small room with an open window above it. The sheets are crumpled and pulled open.

there were days when the night didn’t end

didn’t break apart with the alarm

just laid on the floor beside yesterday’s clothes.


there were mornings that stayed night

trapped in the sheets, still cold from the night before

flat, dark in front of the sun between the blinds.


there were days when the morning and night dissolved together

pills and water, take one at bedtime every night

stomach cranking time to the hours between 12 and 12.


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