Lisa G.

A woman with long curly black hair in a black graphic shirt stands in front of a rocky beach. She is looking down and smiling.

Welcome AMHC visitors!

My name is Lisa and I am a PhD candidate in Social Psychology. I self-identify as a multiracial female who is originally from Philadelphia. Like my AMHC colleagues, both my own experiences and those of current and former friends and colleagues have illuminated a need for a platform that provides support and open discussion about the important (and often ignored) issues surrounding mental health in academic settings.

As high-functioning people, mental health issues often go unnoticed, undiagnosed, or downplayed as a result of being in an environment with such high stakes and expectations where self-care is usually last on our list of priorities. We tend to believe that there is something ‘wrong’ with us or we can’t cut it if we are feeling anxious, depressed, or exhibit other negative mental health symptoms because we are led to believe that is normal. This makes it particularly difficult to distinguish ‘typical’ academic stress from more pervasive mental health concerns that might require additional support, particularly when there is still a stigma and shame associated with it.

Through sharing our stories, experiences and resources, I hope that we can create a safe and supportive space where people can gain a sense of understanding, as well as valuable advice on how to navigate and discuss these issues.

By bringing awareness and recognition to the prevalence of these types of experiences, I believe that we can facilitate positive changes within our own lives, institutions, and even academia at large.