Meet Our Writers: Sarthak

Sarthak is seated in front of a microphone and audio control board, with hands folded.

My name is Sarthak, and I’m a recent PhD graduate, currently on a career path in the science communication industry. My academic and research background delves into the depths of exercise, nutrition, and metabolism. I enjoy studying how lifestyle behaviors (i.e. diet and physical activity) influence our physiology and overall health. I also target these lifestyle choices in my personal life, but as a way to support my mental health.

Between my own experiences, and those of my friends and colleagues, I am convinced that more comprehensive and accessible resources are required to support grad students struggling with mental health. I am proud to join the AMHC team, and help the community grow to fill that void. I want to empower grad students to lead fulfilling lives while successfully reaching the finish line of their academic journeys. This starts by developing a better understanding of one’s mental health, and acquiring the right tools and self-care strategies. The highly competitive and stressful conditions fostered in grad school can create feelings of isolation. I encourage you to stay in touch with the AMHC community, to share and contribute, and above all, realize that you are not alone.

More about me: Southern Ontario is my home, and I currently reside in the city of Hamilton with my wife. I’m a big fan of electronic music like trance, progressive, and techno, and for the past 9 years I’ve hosted a weekly radio show at 93.3 CFMU where I fill the city’s airwaves with my favourite beats. I also love experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and follow the English Premier League as a supporter of Manchester United.


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