Meet Our Team: Lisa M

Lisa is facing the camera and smiling. She has long brown hair is wearing a white blouse.
Lisa is facing the camera and smiling. She has long brown hair is wearing a white blouse.

My name is Lisa, and I recently completed my Master’s degree in North American Studies at the Freie University in Berlin. I am currently taking a break from academia to really focus on my physical and mental health, as well as to have more time on my hands to get involved in projects like the AMHC. My personal experiences with mental health issues made me realize that there is a lot of silence around this important topic.

Grad school is a place where highly ambitious people come together, so naturally there exists a lot of competition. Speaking from my own experience, mental illness is still looked down on and stigmatized. Instead of opening up to others, students who struggle tend to keep to themselves to not show any weakness. This often leads to feelings of isolation. I see the AMHC as a way to combat that isolation, and to show students that they are not alone if they are struggling. Sharing personal experiences, and learning about others’, can be healing and offer support when needed. I hope the AMHC evolves into a strong community that encourages students to seek help, and to realize that there is no shame in having a mental illness.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you need someone to talk with! To tell you a little bit about myself: I am German, currently living in Vancouver, but also traveling the world at the moment. I love crafting, baking, and analyzing political news. I am a huge techno and deep house lover, but having left Berlin my dance parties only take place in my apartment.


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