Link RoundUp: Readings on Mental Illness and Academia

We’ve collected some links for you from around the web. This week, we’re figuring out how to tell your professor about your depression,  learning tips for academic women of colour to find support, the rise of suicide in med students, and more.

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Dark thoughts: Why mental illness is on the rise in academia (The Guardian)

This article that featured in The Guardian, delves into findings from a large scale survey conducted in the UK on stress and academia (link to survey findings within article). It goes onto discuss work culture, individual factors and nature of work that may be putting a strain on academics and graduate students.

Living Beyond Survival: 11 Tips for Women of Color in Academia (This Bridge Called Our Health)

Karen B.Hanna talks about her experiences as a child of Thai and Filipino immigrants and a woman in academia with physical and mental health issues. She takes us through actions and attitudes that could help women of color in academia find healing and support as they navigate institutions of higher learning.

Medical school can be brutal, and it’s making many of us suicidal (The Sydney Morning Herald)

This article that featured in The Sydney Morning Herald looks at the troubling trend in medical schools across the western world, of medical students suiciding. It quotes available data and research on the issue and looks at possible reasons behind the levels of distress and suicide in medicine.

How to tell college professors about your depression (The Mighty)

 Maria Giacchino talks about her experience of managing university commitments whilst having depression. She gives us some useful advice and strategies on how to have that conversation with a professor or tutor about your mental health issues in a productive manner.

Top Ten Things New Faculty Members Would Like to Hear From Colleagues (Academic Ladder)

This blog was originally published in the Tomorrow’s Professor Blog/Mailing list. It offers some wise words of advice to early career academics on retaining their sanity, soul and sense of purpose whilst navigating academia.


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